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Nuovo prodotto: AVAU HF

AVAU HFIn occasion of the exhibition MCE in Milan, we introduced our new product, AVAU HF.

The brand new AVAU HF takes the usual application in the defense field of wire rope mounts  to a wider prospective, thanks to its innovative design.

AVAU HF allows both the protection of lab instruments from environmental vibrations and stable shooting with cameras installed on drones and land equipment.

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Brochure HVAC - mars 2016

Vibrostop and its customer service: download our new brochure to get a general overview of our product applications:

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Do not hesitate to contact us for sales and technical support.

Brochure Defence - Mai 2016

Vibrostop and its customer care: the new brochure regarding our 9100 products for DEFENCE and AEROSPACE is ready to be downloaded. Have a direct overview on our product range and possible applications, and feel free to contact us for thecnical support and sales enquiries:

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