Vibrostop AVAU

The AVAU steel cable shock absorber solves vibration and shock isolation problems in accordance with the strictest military standard requirements for performance and resistance to environmental agents (e.g. MIL-STD-810).

Vibrostop AVAU HF

The brand new AVAU HF takes the usual application in the defense field of wire rope mounts  to a wider prospective, thanks to its innovative design.


Vibrostop AVAUD

The AVAUD series of wire rope shock absorbers is optimised for both vibration isolation and impact protection of suspended electrical/electronic equipment, thanks to its dual-level toroidal cable winding.

Vibrostop Cavoflex

The CAVOFLEX range of wire rope shock mounts, originally developed in the defence sector, has proven over the years to be of use in many other industrial applications and on transport vehicles where two aspects are essential: a secure fixing and lasting performance over time, even in potentially aggressive environments.