Vibrostop AA

The AA anti-vibration mounts are highly versatile and used for multi-directional isolation of mechanical vibrations, reduction of structural noise and mitigation of small shocks in a variety of applications, including civil HVAC systems, energy generation and the protection of electronic devices on vehicles.

Vibrostop AAD

The AAD 20 is used specifically for the protection and vibration isolation of small, low-weight equipment such as technical instruments, small electrical switchboards and electronic components.

Vibrostop CMM

The CONIC MARINA (or CMM) is an anti-vibration mount with an hour-glass shape and hollow interior, two features that make it an ideal replacement for puffer-type anti-vibration mounts, offering greater flexibility.

Vibrostop Conic

The CONIC elastomer-based damper is a viable alternative to traditional cylindrical anti-vibration mounts, offering greater flexibility due to its hollow body.

Vibrostop Exagon

Thanks to its hollow hexagonal cell design, the EXAGON rubber damper has a great deflection capacity and can therefore reduce vibrations generated by suspended sources even at quite low frequencies.

Vibrostop Flexobloc (FX)

The FLEXOBLOC is an anti-vibration rubber/metal block suitable for isolating vibrations created by machinery and industrial equipment (presses, machine tools, etc.) and civil installations (pumps, compressors and refrigeration units).

Vibrostop G

The G series of anti-vibration mounts combines the convenience of ordinary rubber tiles and the reliability of a rubber/metal anti-vibration support through its aluminium interface, which has the dual function of protecting the elastomeric component and redistributing the concentrated load.

Vibrostop GSA

The GSA rubber/metal anti-vibration mounts increase the versatility of anti-vibration puffers with the addition of a rectangular floor anchor plate with 2 fixing holes.

Vibrostop Metalflex (MX)

For decades the METALFLEX rubber/metal anti-vibration mount has set the standard for the isolation of vibrations and protection of sensitive components in a vast array of industrial applications with light and medium compression loads.

Vibrostop MM

The MM anti-vibration mounts, developed to solve vibration isolation problems on Italian Navy vessels, have medium-low frequencies (6-10 Hz) and exceptional strength and reliability, due to their metal parts made from steel (stainless or C40) and their elastomeric components, made from oil-resistant compounds.

Vibrostop MMC

The MMC is an anti-vibration and anti-shock support specifically for naval use. It is suitable both for protecting equipment from shocks and for the isolation of structure-borne noise and any vibrations generated by the devices themselves.

Vibrostop PFA

The PFA cylindrical foot can be used as a vibration isolator for machinery and equipment when free-standing installation is sufficient. Lateral displacement in this case is prevented simply by the friction of the rubber against the floor.