Technical Service


The Vibrostop engineering department assists customers in all aspects of solving a vibration and shock isolation problem: from analysis of the situation and the applicable regulations to selection of the best isolator and final performance assessment.

Wherever possible, preference in selection will be given to tried-and-tested solutions available in the catalogue, in order to maximise the balance between performance, speed of delivery and price.

Where application requirements or customer needs warrant it, existing anti-vibration mounts can be customised or completely new isolators can be designed and produced.

As an aid to selection and design, our engineering department uses 3D design software, analysis methods with reduced degrees of freedom (1-13), finite element modelling (FEA) and experimental activities.

Experimental activities are conducted both in the Vibrostop laboratory, using a dynamometer and an electromagnetic vibration shaker, and in the field, performing vibrometric measurements in installation sites.

For other experimental activities, such the characterisation of materials from a chemical perspective or in terms of resistance to atmospheric agents, or shock/vibration tests beyond the scope of our internal facilities, Vibrostop technicians work in collaboration with certified external laboratories.