Quality Policy


Vibrostop is committed to implementing all measures necessary to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, meet their expectations and stated needs, and fulfil applicable regulatory requirements, while ensuring the company's profitability and competitiveness on the market.



Attention focussed on customers

  • understanding and meeting their needs and expectations while ensuring the company's profitability
  • keeping commitments made to customers
  • acting transparently

Continuous Improvement

  • planning of activities, which must be carried out according to established procedures
  • preventing the causes of problems rather than correcting mistakes already made


the Vibrostop management therefore undertakes to:

  • establish measurable objectives and indicators for monitoring its processes during the periodic review
  • communicate and share its goals with all its employees
  • maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of the Company's Quality Management System as the main tool for monitoring processes, and therefore the company performance
  • disseminate and support this Quality Policy through the most suitable means and resources, and continuously monitor its implementation
  • encourage every person in the company to promote ideas and initiatives aimed at achieving the corporate objectives to ensure the company's improvement

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