On-site Instrumental Surveys

Excessive vibrations can cause physical discomfort (refer to UNI 9614:1990 and ISO 2631-1:2008) or fatigue failure of equipment and mechanical components.

Vibrostop offers to perform on-site surveys, to assist its clients in assessing the phenomenon of vibration. Vibrostop then analyses the vibrometric results, obtained with accelerometers and a multi-channel acquisition system, to determine the amplitude and frequency of vibrations for planning any isolation work or controls.

The transfer functions and frequencies of the structures are measured with an instrumented hammer and impact test, to find and correct any issues associated with unwanted resonance amplification.

Below are some of the steps that Vibrostop carries out as part of an instrumental survey:

  • check the vibration levels in proximity to machinery and equipment and subsequent  implementation of reduction/isolation measures;
  • measure the amplitude of vibrations that affect parts of machinery and systems deemed critical to fatigue failure;
  • determine the main frequencies of the machinery and equipment and eliminate any resonance issues that can cause damage;
  • reduce the levels of vibration in on site control rooms, by making adjustments to the floating floor;
  • check the reciprocal influences of neighbouring machine tools.