Vibrostop Srl was founded in 1936 and has established itself as one of the most dynamic companies specialising in the production of rubber/metal vibration, shock and noise isolators.

From the start, the company's development has been centred on original, high-quality products, with performance and reliability our primary objectives.


Vibrostop has increased its product range over the years to include metal spring anti-vibration systems and recently also the innovative stainless steel wire rope anti-vibration shock isolation system.

The current range of Vibrostop ® products offers optimal solutions for specific problems encountered in the civil and defence industries and can be used on the most advanced applications.


Our logistics services are efficient and fast, drastically reducing supply times and batches; they can also interface with Kanban just-in-time innovative management systems.


Our engineering department can design, develop and produce custom anti-vibration mounts for more specific applications and conduct calculations, laboratory tests and field measurements on request.

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